Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Types of Crushes

There are plenty of different crushes out there. Which one are YOU experiencing right now?

1) Friend Crush: This is the most common type. You start off friends, get to know him, then bam: them darn feelings and jitters start. It's especially complicated, annoying, yet heartwarming when your friend crush is your best friend.

2) Celebrity Crush: One of the more silly crushes, especially if this celebrity has a girlfriend, wife, or kids. There's a 99% chance of it never working out, yet you hold onto that 1%: hope with all your might, stalk his social media, and drool over his pictures. 

3) Stranger Crush: Another silly crush, but at least you've seen this guy in person ;) He's the guy who's in your 5th period class, working next door, getting lunch at the same time, working out on the treadmill next to you
. You've never talked to him, and know only snippets of information. Sometimes, you don't even know his name or how his voice sounds. You have this idea of the guy to fuel your desire. That is all. My advice: try getting to know him ;)

4) Never-Ever-Happening Crush: This is a crush that you know will never occur. Some celebrity crushes will definitely fall into this category, but friend crushes can as well. These crushes are off limits: he's your friend's crush, another girl's longtime boyfriend, etc. You know it's not guys would be so compatible together... Oh the agony. My advice: Quit dreaming. I know it's harder said than done, but tis possible girl. You can do it.

5) Unreciprocated Crush: He just does not like you back. No matter what you do, how pretty, how funny, how awesome you are, he does not feel the same. These crushes can be heartbreaking and annoying to no end. Don't worry, we've all been there. And it sucks, I know. :(

6) Going Smoothly Crush: Now this is the kind of crush we all envy. The kind that has barely any complications. He actually seems to like you back, you guys connect from the beginning, and sooner or later, you'll probably be dating each other. If you're experiencing this kind of a crush, girlll, you lucky. And tell me your secrets >.<

So here are the most common types of crushes. Having a crush is like going on an emotional roller coaster. It can be frustrating, devastating, time-consuming, or...sometimes, great.

But don't forget that crushes can work out. Some boys, men, boogers, whatever you call them, are decent and worth your love. Until then, we're stuck here simply crushin'.



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