Monday, August 18, 2014

Do You Have Sanpaku Eyes?

Hey nuggets, I just learned a new terminology for describing eyes: Sanpaku. It originates from a Chinese term also used in Japanese that literally means "three whites". There are two types of Sanpaku eyes: Yin Sanpaku and Yan Sanpaku. Yin Sanpaku is when the whites of your eyes is visible under the iris, and Yan Sanpaku is when the whites are visible above your iris.

Some believe that sanpaku eyes indicate a mental, spiritual, or physical imbalance, due to drugs, bad diet, alcohol, stress, or fatigue. One's psychological state can stress optic nerves and pull the muscles up, thus revealing the white space underneath. While this imbalance may cause Sanpaku eyes for some people, for others it can just be a matter of the way your lower lid is positioned.

 Sanpaku eyes are seen as a rare condition in oriental countrie
s, but they're more common in other places due to different bone structures.
 John F. Kennedy, Marylin Monroe, Indira Ghandi, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Robert Pattinson, Lauren Bacall are all reported to have had Yin
Sanpaku eyes. And Charles Manson had Yang Sanpaku eyes.

I think Sanpaku eyes are really attractive. From now on, I'll probably creepily stare at my friends' and strangers' eyes just to see if they're Sanpaku... so watch out XD

Do any of you guys have Sanpaku eyes? Leave a comment below :)


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