Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Be More Productive

With summer almost ending, our lives are going to be much more hectic. And busy. And full of work. And stressful. We need to get our lazy butts off the couch and actually do stuff...yay....Since we will all need some motivation and inspiration, here are some tips for being more productive. 
I'm no perfect human, and I still struggle with keeping up with a schedule and actually doing everything I plan to. So maybe this will help both of us hehe. 
Let's try to better ourselves, end procrastination, and reach our goals.

1) Be more organized. Organizing everything you need to do in a planner will subsequently organize your own thoughts and mind. 

2) Prioritize what's important. Is planning for that party really more important than studying for tomorrow's test? Is texting your crush more important than doing your homework? No sweetie, they aren't. So do what's most important first. You're brain's still fresh and it'll make you feel like a weight's lifted off your shoulders.

I should listen to my own advice hehe, since I'm currently writing this blog when I should be writing college essays...

So you're not alone. Many of us could use some improvement in our habits.  ^.^

3) Do NOT get distracted. Like many, I am a victim of wandering thoughts and daydreams. So I
understand how hard it is to concentrate on a boring task when your mind is buzzing with other things. You're thinking about what he said that morning, the test next week, what you'll wear to that dance, what you'll eat tomorrow...everything but the work you have in front of you. Concentrating will need a strong will. It's almost like giving up drugs if you're an addict (okay maybe not the best analogy).
But you can do it. I know you can. We'll work on it together.

4) Give yourself awards after completing something. For instance, you can allow yourself a break or a snack once you're done with studying. This will motivate you some more and allow a positive reflex in your mind. Kinda like giving a dog a treat after he does a trick. Yes I'm comparing us to dogs. I used to eat chocolate or something before working because it made me less stressed. Do not do that. Eat that chocolate after working :D

I hope these tips help! I know they're easier said than done. Changing bad habits and being more productive will require a lot of will.
I find that with most things in life, we're battling ourselves. They're often the hardest battles to win. But once you do, you'll feel uplifted and accomplish so much more.

So hang in there my friend. You can do it.


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