Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner

Yo nuggets. Here's a quick review of the  Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner. Now I use this eyeliner everyday, so definitely one of my holy grails. It comes in a ton of colors: brown, black, blue, purple, gold, bright blue, green. I use the brown one for a more natural everyday look, and the black one when I want added drama.

Background of my eyes:
Asian monolids (aka no crease). Also rather watery and oily so a lot of eyeliners smear on me.


  • Brush tip applicator: I personally think this is a con because it gives me less control and precision than felt tips
  • Does not dry quickly: I've smeared the eyeliner by accident..oops. And drying slowly does not make it easier to redo if you make a mistake...nope 


  • AMAZING staying power. It's incredible. Stays on for more than 10 hrs.  I've gotten drenched in rain, swum laps in a pool, taken a shower, and this stuff does not budge. 
  • Very pigmented and smooth application once you get the hang of the brush applicator. 
  • Great color selection. The purple and dark blue are not too bright, but add a nice subtle pop of color


I will definitely continue to purchase this product because my biggest problem with eyeliners is staying power. If you have similar problems and are more experienced with applying liquid eyeliner, you'll love the Milani Infinite. If your eyeliners don't usually smear and you simply want a convenient, fast applying liquid eyeliner, there are other eyeliners that can top this one.

What's your favorite liquid eyeliner?  :)


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