Monday, August 11, 2014

Ready for HIGH SCHOOL?

Hey nuggets. School's soon approaching...crap. Let's all run and hide before they steal our summer away. XD

Too bad time can't freeze. We gotta face our fears, dread, and plain annoyance like a pro. This post is for the new high schoolers out there. If you're in middle school or elementary,  you may also learn a little and have some early mental preparation. As a rising senior, I have a ton of advice for all of you.

1)  People will change. You will change. Change is not necessarily bad; it comes with the territory of growing up. So don't be surprised when your friends act a little different or hang out with other types of people. I know it's hard to accept at times, but just remember that it's a natural part of life.

2) There will be "cliques". But it's not the cliques that you see in movies (Mean Girls *coughcough*). Most people will have a group of people they eat lunch and hang out with more often. And there are groups associated more with "popularity", but at least in my school, they're the ones who party more, drink alcohol, and hook up. If that's what you want, go crazy, but in my opinion, that life is not appealing. So don't spend your time envying the "populars".

3) Value your education. These next 4 years are vital for your future. Your grades and standarized testing will partly dictate the college you get into. So don't forget to study hard.

4) Join a lot of clubs. Sign up for plenty of clubs because they will email you and update you on meetings. After attending a couple of meetings, you can then narrow the clubs down to the ones that you want to focus your time on.

5) You will survive. There will be times when you feel alone in the world, times when you think no one understands you. You might experience a couple of heartbreaks or unreciprocated crushes. But even though it may feel like the end of the world, it's not. Just stay strong, and I promise life will get better.

These are just a few tips/info that I could think of right now. Hopefully they broadened your perspective a bit. Remember to enjoy every moment of this new experience. That's something I wish I did more. If you guys have any questions, leave them below and I will answer them!

Peace & Love,

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