Friday, August 29, 2014

"Not Pretty Enough"

Insecurities happen to the best of us. But do not ever let your insecurities dictate your life. Do not ever think you are not good enough for someone.

Insecurities come in many kinds, but today, I'm focusing on beauty because my own physical insecurities inspired me to write about this. Many times, I see a good looking guy and think "Geez his eyelashes are four times longer than mine, his eyebrows are on point, his face structure....He's prettier than I am.... he'll never fall for a plain faced me".

Girl, don't you ever think like that. First of all, you're already limiting the way you are perceived by being less confident. Second of all, every guy has a different taste. A girl one guy thinks is hideous will be beautiful to the next. And third of all, the most important point: your personality will outweigh your looks in the long run. It's undeniable that guys are visually stimulated, we all know and hate that (unless of course, you're banging gorgeous). But everyone, even the immature boogers, will eventually love the gal whose personality shines through. Making him lust for you only requires some makeup and cute clothing. But enticing a guy's heart to the point where he falls madly in love with you -- that takes someone who is beautiful on the inside. 

So don't get so caught up in your physical traits, and instead work on being the best person you can be. There's no such thing as "not pretty enough".

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