Saturday, August 23, 2014

10 Point Scale to Rate

Warning: this is a rant. read at your own risk ;)

I've recently been reading the blog "The Rules Revisited", and while Andrew writes really insightful
posts, his constant use of the 10 point scale to describe women irks me. I get that men like to have some standard type of rating, and that the scale is completely subjective to a person's taste. And if their peers all use it, it becomes an easy form of communication. But is rating a potential partner with numbers that necessary? I have never rated guys using the 10 point scale, but maybe some women out there do. Or maybe men tend to use it more than women.

Either way, I think the scale is stupid. If you like someone, you like him/her due to a culmination of looks, personality, achievement. And sometimes you guys simply click. Using the 10 point scale turns the whole romantic endeavor into some game. You start looking at potential partners like you would a painting, and everyone wants to snag the best one. People  are not linear and love is not a video game you can defeat. Love is more like a reckless adventure full of emotion and confusion. 
Using a scale sucks the enjoyment out of what you are experiencing.

And there's something else that bothers me: people love judging a couple based on their so called "difference in points", by saying how strange a 4 girl is with an 8 guy or vice versa. How superficial. In relationships there are aspects to a person so much more important than looks. When you're married for 20 years plus, what's holding the marriage together will not be your relative attractiveness. You guys need to compromise, understand each other, and communicate. In successful relationships, there will be a deeper connection that others may not see on the outside.

So if you haven't figured by now, I believe the 10 point scale was invented by naive 15 year olds with nothing better to do.
What do you all think about the 10 point scale? I'd love to know.


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