Saturday, August 16, 2014


Hey nuggets, today's post is on another loveydovey, romantic topic:
Attraction is a tricky little devil because everyone has different tastes. And sometimes, we cannot even pinpoint the cause of our own attraction toward someone. I know first hand because I've crushed on all kinds of guys, and for half of them, I did not know why I even liked them. I just did. Simple as that.
Fast heartbeat. Rush of happiness. Non-stop replay of our interactions. 
But now, I realize a similarity: eye contact.

Eye contact is essential to communication, and when a potential partner gives you a full on gaze, them butterflies kick in. Locking eyes with someone, even a stranger, is an intimate experience because as the saying goes "eyes are the windows to your soul". Although I don't know about the whole "soul" thing, it's true that our eyes often display the emotions we feel. Strong eye contact portrays confidence as well, which is always an attractive trait.

It's a simple and easy flirtation trick that will make you seem interested, yet not desperate. So when you're out there trying to attract your crush, try looking him/her in the eyes. Subtly of course. Don't want to come off creepy ;) 

Hope this helps you guys in your romantic endeavors 


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