Sunday, August 31, 2014

He loves me, he loves me not.

A girl always swoons over the guy holding doors for her, and the one who gives flowers just because they reminded him of her. She thinks such romantic actions signify his affection for her and thus falls madly in love: lost in a lustful daydream filled with future wedding plans, life together....
Reality. Check. Now.
Girls, do not be fooled by a romantic guy who flourishes you with compliments, flowers, and chocolates. These "cute" acts of love are worthless if they are all he does. Flowers die in two days, chocolates are bad for the teeth, and we are capable of holding our own doors. 
So look beyond these frivolous actions when evaluating a guy's affection and instead focus on his ability to work hard, make sacrifices, and compromise. A guy who really loves you will take 5 hours out of his day to drive you to the airport, alter his schedule just to see you again, and change his bad habits to win your heart. He'll actually make your life a little easier by washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning around the house. A man who's worth your time will know the importance that commitment and effort has in a strong relationship. The other sweet nit bits are icing on the cake, not the cake itself. So do not become so mesmerized in the little, momentary actions that warm our romantic hearts, and remember that a man's true character lies beyond sending a bouquet of roses.

Peace, love, baby ducks,


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