Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Messy Concoction of Doom

Socks sprawled on the floor. Concealer marks on the dresser. Sweaters and tights from the past school week cling weakly to the chair like an unfinished paper mache....My bedroom has once again turned into a mess, and I, feeling proactive this morning, once again rearrange the misplaced pieces and scrub away the leftover stains.

I have come to the realization that I live my life much like the way I keep my bedroom, lazily allowing messes to be made and then cleaning them up weeks later. Carelessness and nonchalance are a dangerous combination. Sometimes, just as the stains cannot rub off completely, we cannot wholly correct our mistakes. The damage has been made and all we can do is watch it plague our lives.
Prevention is the best remedy that we have at our finger tips. Instead of letting the mess of our past dictate our future, we need to prevent a mess from occurring in the first place.

Doing nothing is really more detrimental than doing something wrong because in the latter, you at least did something. There are risks we need to take in order to gain something more from the world. Don't let the lazy beast inside you dictate your life until you suddenly reawaken from the daze and notice the crumbling ruins. Don't be the one who looks back on the past few years and realize that you let opportunities, experiences, and people slip through your fingers all too easily.

Though there are actions we can take to alleviate certain problems, many things in this world are out of our power to control, We cannot completely stop the daily bloodshed from destroying innocent lives or the pollutants from choking our planet. You cannot read his mind, or make that never-to-be guy love you. YOU are the only thing that you have complete control over. Everything else, everyone else, is a give or take battle.
It's time we take charge of our life instead of allowing it to trample over our cowering heads. These changes don't occur overnight, and granted my room has become more cluttered already, but at least there's brownie points for trying.

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