Thursday, June 16, 2016

Beaches, Tacos, and Ferris Wheels (D.C. Weekend #1)

Soft Shelled Tacos from Mission in Dupont Circle
They were deliciouss, so great after a day at the beach

A street near Georgetown university that we passed on our way back from the beach. I thought the steep street on the left looked cool-- incredibly artsy, as if it were right out of some abstract painting form Dali. So of course, a pic was taken ;)

 Bay Harbor by the Potomac River. Ate Chipotle, watched Toy Story 3 outside (outdoor movie under the blazing sun...too bad it isn't dark at 6 pm during the summer), and Ben and Jerry's. Mmmm would highly recommend the brownie batter one.

  A snipet of Dupont Circle :)

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