Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Summer to Remember

My number one goal this summer is to squeeze as much out of this precious time as possible. I want to taste different food, see beautiful scenery, touch another part of the world, sense an aspect of life that I never knew existed. Since I'm interning in the D.C. area, there's a variety of places to visit in order to fulfill my thirst to really live. So much of my time is spent in university, studying for the upcoming exam, completing homework, worrying about my future plans, immersed in a textbook, library, out of touch with the world. This summer, I plan to take a step back and reassess the way I've been "doing" life. One of my biggest fears in life is looking back on my youth and regretting my inability to let loose once in a while and experience the world in its entirety. I've learned from my first year of college that striking a balance in life is much easier said than done, and few can excel in all areas of life. It would be naive for me to assume that I can change my rather type A tendencies overnight, and that it's a bad trait in the first place.

My drive is what got me where I am in the first place. It's what fuels my passion to learn, desire to better myself, and ironically, my hope to gain a new set of experiences this summer. So I embrace my personality, in its entirety. There's no need to change who you are. I think the idea of self-improvement is more about making minor tweaks to your current self in order to build a satisfactory life. If you're satisfied with partying all the time. Fine. Do it. If you're not, then pick up a new hobby, read a book or something. If you're satisfied with studying non-stop in the library, go right ahead. My second semester of college was especially busy, so much of the day was spent in class, lab, or studying. I'd get a nagging pit in my stomach at the end of the day when I considered events I didn't go to. Or the lack of human interaction that took place. When finals were finally over, I felt empty. Unfulfilled. Suddenly realizing that in the midst of my crazy hectic schedule, I neglected to maintain and nourish friendships and personal hobbies. One of which was writing in this blog. So for me, a change in my overly scholarly tendencies were quite necessary to keep me sane. To keep me feeling alive. Like a full human being.

This first weekend here, I've been surprisingly great at "doing stuff." Yesterday, I took a spontaneous trip to the beach with my roommate. The beach was incredibly small and overpriced, and we literally just layed under the sun for a while, instead of hitting the waves and getting crazy in the waters like I usually do at beaches (cuz there were barely any waves...hello bay beaches in Maryland). Nevertheless, the experience was incredibly relaxing, and opened my eyes to the raw freedom that we actually have. A freedom to go anywhere if we just got off our lazy butts and did it. We then went to Dupont circle and ate delicious soft tacos. Great day. Today, I went to an outdoor movie at National Harbor-- so beautiful--and had amazing conversations with my new friends.

See, if you try, you can experience so much in just two days. The world is such a beautiful place, and sometimes all it takes is moving forward one step for a whole 'nother breathtaking view. I'm considering creating a D.C. summer series in which I document the food (both made by me! and restaurant cuisine), and the places that I visit. It'll force me to take more pictures, and give you guys some fun trip ideas if you're ever in the area.

I'm gonna peace out now, and get ready for an early morning tomorrow... back to my busy internship whoop. Have an amazing rest of the week, or day, or night, to whoever is reading this. You deserve it.

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